Founded in Family

Meet Our Founders

Dr. Tei-Fu Chen

Founder & Board of Directors

Oi-Lin Chen, MD

Board of Directors

A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

The Sunrider story is really our family’s story. It encompasses generations, ancient Eastern traditions, and modern Western innovation. And it begins with our founders, Drs. Tei-Fu and Oi-Lin Chen, whose passion for people led them to create proven herbal products that help others achieve optimal health and wellness, and a business that offers them the freedom to live happier, more balanced lives.

While our founders started Sunrider in Utah in 1982, their journey began decades earlier in Tei-Fu’s homeland, Taiwan. Growing up, Tei-Fu was an unhealthy child. His grandfather cared for him with timeless Chinese herbal remedies. The medicinal properties of these plants were so powerful that they ignited in Tei-Fu a lifelong passion for Chinese herbal philosophy. While studying herbal medicine and pharmacology in college, he met and married Oi-Lin, a gifted medical student from Hong Kong. The couple paired their natural curiosity, scientific expertise, and shared entrepreneurial spirit to start a business that would change lives through natural products like those that changed Tei-Fu’s life all those years ago.

This founding philosophy fuels the Sunrider family business today. Dr. Tei-Fu Chen is a world-renowned herbalist with a degree in pharmacy and his wife, Dr. Oi-Lin Chen, is a licensed medical doctor. The Chen's five children help guide our global enterprise across nearly 50 countries and territories, in partnership with thousands of inspiring Independent Business Owners and franchise store owners. We’re a family and we welcome you to join us.

Family Values at Work

Serving the communities where we work and play is a proud tradition for the entire Sunrider Family. Our Business owners and staff alike share passion for supporting charitable causes around the world.

In 2017, Sunrider led global fundraising drives to provide humanitarian aid to families affected by hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria in Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico. Our support also reached survivors of the Nepal earthquake, Typhoon Haiyan, Hurricane Sandy, the Haiti earthquake, and the triple disasters in Japan.

We’ve also provided resources to global and local organizations like UNICEF, the Gang Alternatives Program, AIDS Walk LA, the American Cancer Society, the Pediatric Therapy Network, Mentors International, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Together, we’re making our communities cleaner, healthier, and happier places to live for present and future generations.

We Give Back To Our Communities

We Lead by Example

Our scientific expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and philanthropic commitment are recognized around the world. We are passionate about serving others and have dedicated our lives to discovering products that make people healthier and a business opportunity that inspires them to create lives they love.

Sunrider around the World

Global diversification keeps the Sunrider business dynamic, relevant, and stable for our Independent Business Owners. It’s part of our success story.


Nestled inside our world headquarters in the United States, the Chen Art Gallery features the Chen family’s private collection of Chinese art, antiques, and other works of art from around the globe.

The Sunworld Dynasty™ Hotel Group spans three world-class hotels across Beijing, China, and Taipei, Taiwan. The Chen family also owns the landmark SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills, California, and the luxurious St. Ermin’s Hotel in Westminster, London, United Kingdom.


We make our Sunrider® products in six innovative facilities worldwide. Self-manufacturing puts us in control of every aspect of manufacturing, so we can ensure the integrity, safety, and efficacy of every product.